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I made a Twitter.


This is a Twitter dedicated to tweeting people who are being targeted by Seaworld (ie. everyone who tweets #blackfish etc). Sending them links that will debunk whatever Seaworld is telling them. If you want to follow it, here it is :)

Also I encourage everyone else to make a twitter to do this too… it just bugs me so much that there’s so many people on twitter who are being given misleading or just plain wrong info by seaworld.



Trip to Marineland in 2005 by lezumbalaberenjena on Flickr.

Though they look relatively small, Killer Whale calves are born around 7ft long and weigh around 350lbs. Pictured here is Kiska and her 5th calf Athena.

Should also mention that Athena died when she was 4 years old… Which seems to be about the age Kiska lost most of her calves:
* MLC-00-B9201 - lived for 2 months (born 1992). Cause of death is believed to be respiratory problems / Kiska may have possibly drowned this calf.

* Kanuck - lived for 4 years (born 1994). In 1995 a Zoocheck Canada official noted two male calves were housed in the King Waldorf tank without their mothers. Marineland staff stated the two calves were being kept in “the warehouse” pool and if correct, it means they removed Kanuck from Kiska when he was 10 months old. He died there in 1998.

* Nova - lived for 4 years (born 1996). Nova was sent to the King Waldorf pool, but he was lucky enough to reunite with his family later on, after the building of a new complex for the orcas. In the summer seasons he was moved back to the King Waldorf pool with his half-sister, Neocia (an extremely dominant orca who would harass him), his first separation from Kiska is estimated at 7 months. He died in 2001, with Marineland denying his death for many months.

* Hudson - lived for 6 years (born 1998). Kiska’s longest lived calf; he was inseparable from his half-brother, Algonquin. After Algonquin’s death, he became less active and focused more on his trainers, though Nootka V (Algonquin’s mother) showed signs of aggression towards Hudson after her own calf’s death. In 2002 Hudson accidently jumped out of the pool, he wasn’t seriously injured and was put in a tank with his father (Kandu VII). In 2003 he was moved to the King Waldorf tank to improve his performing skills with his half-sister Neocia. She was too dominant and rough with him and he was quickly sent back to his father. Soon after, he reunited with Kiska and Nootka V. He died due to meningitis.

* Athena - lived for 4 years (born 2004). Athena was the last orca to be born at Marineland, she was curious and often imitated behaviors from Kiska. Her cause of death is unknown and like Nova’s death, Marineland was extremely hesitant to confirm/deny her demise.

The Truth about the Orca Welfare and Safety Act


The Truth about AB 2140, the Orca Welfare and Safety Act

By Naomi Rose Ph.D. 

A lot of media articles have been published on Asm Richard Bloom’s AB 2140, the bill that would have ended orca performances and captive breeding. While SeaWorld, its lobbyists and public relations team may want to claim the bill was defeated, the fact is the bill is anything but dead.
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